Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Couples Photoshoot 1

Recently I was contacted by photographer Dustin Cantrell to do a photoshoot with my man in Joshua Tree. Him and his wife are both photographers and were looking to add some new stuff to their portfolios. We'd been wanting to make a trip out there anyways and figured why not! The pictures turned out awesome/adorable and I'm excited to share them! This is the first round of photos. And NO they are not engagement pictures or anything of the sort, just for fun :)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

New original designs up on my Society 6 page

The past few months have been a whirlwind of awesome, scary, and everything in between. I've been juggling freelance while trying to figure out what on planet earth I want to do.

One of my many projects included trying to develop my own line, something I've always wanted to do. Everything was in the works but then a few things came up and I decided the timing wasn't quite right. SO I decided to just to upload the designs I created to www.Society6.com. I basically redid my whole S6 page so it's all brand new. My good friend Wesley Bird is a creative director over there and she has really upped their game with great fashionable tees! I intended to release most of the designs on a muscle tank like the one shown below anyways so I figured it would pretty much be the same :)

This line is inspired by the wonderful artwork of the 70's and the spirit it represents.
I was very excited to design all of this as personal art and not sell out to the man per usual and thought this theme was fitting! 
All the graphics have been carefully thought out and hand drawn by yours truly.

Check it out and grab one for yourself!
PS don't let the semi-awkward photos on their site scare you, the "biker tanks" are soft and awesome with a great fit more like the photos shown below.

ALSO currently free shipping until June 9th if you use this link!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hey there

Back from hiatus. Well that's the plan at least. I took a break from blogging because my schedule was just way too crazy, and you would be surprised the amount of time a blog takes up.
But I've recently joined the scary/exciting world of freelance and want to resurrect the old blog!
These photos were done by my talented friend chuck (@chuck). We took these photos in the gorgeous downtown office of Mate the Label, one of my freelance clients. I'm wearing one of their Dailies basic tees and a Hand picked vintage Harley tee from their site. If you aren't familiar with the brand you need to check out their site, awesome graphic tees and a few coming out designed by yours truly :)


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Urban Outfitters Designs

For the past 8 months I have been doing graphic design for Truly Madly Deeply. We are an Urban Outfitters private label brand. We also do design work for Forever 21 and Anthropologie. 

There's a bit of a lag time between designing and when your stuff actually comes out. Finally some of my designs are being released!  So excited to see my stuff on Urban's website, It seems surreal.
 It's been so great working on design I would actually want to wear!

Here are two of the my designs that came out this week:

Check out and buy designs on their website here:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Street Smart

Decided one pair over overalls just wasn't enough. The thing I like about these ones is they fit on my waist and legs just like skinny jeans would unlike a lot of what else is out there right now.
A few of my friends recently commented that my style has been very "street" recently. One person even refered to me as "streetwear dani", haha. Anyways I was kinda horrified by this because I feel like "street" is synonymous with "ghetto". But there's no denying that fashion trends have strayed far from the girly and bohemian look that was so popular and gone more into a streetwear direction. I will admit I have been indulging in this casual urban look a bit too much lately and here's another example of it!

Overalls - Freepeople
Plaid jacket - Zara
Bag - Marc by Marc jacobs
Basic Tee - Jedidiah
Shoes - Converse


Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter Florals

 This Dress! It's a Reformation X Urban Collaboration. I love love everything reformation puts out. This is one of those statement pieces you just have to own. Long gathered sleeves, front & back cutouts, & floor length with legs slits. Talk about attention to detail! During the winter months I'm more drawn to dark floral prints with black backgrounds. The only problem with a dress like this is you never seem to wear it because you feel like there has to be a really good reason to, I know every girl can relate to this!

Dress - Reformation X Urban
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff

Monday, January 13, 2014

Ditching Class

This past weekend my friend Wesley and I snapped some photos for our blogs and ended up shooting at this high school. Then we realized we graduated high school 6 years ago and both felt really old haha. SO I scored these hudson jeans at crossroads for $45, after I got home I did some googling I found out they retail for almost $400. This is why I love resale shops! Basically how I manage my extreme shopping habits. Moto pants with leather contrast panels are huge this winter. Threw a studded leopard jacket in the mix giving this outfit even more edge. I'm constantly changing my style and re-inveting my look, and man it can be exhausting! I remember when the beginning of fall I wanted to go super grunge, but now I feel myself moving more in a classic direction, despite how much this outfit is NOT that haha.

Moto denim - Hudson
Leopard studded jacket - Unif
Basic tee - Zara